Silmak Agencies provides transporting services all over East Africa. We can scale deliveries of all sizes to and from any destination required using skilled drivers and certified safe methods of getting your goods to where you need them delivered.

Silmak Agencies Info

Silmak Agencies Info

We invite you to contact us for further information based on your transportation needs. A one-time urgent truckload to Mombassa or ongoing deliveries to Juba, all such tasks can be handled safely and on time by Silmak Agencies. We are always happy to debate your needs and tailor solutions.

Silmak Transportation Benefits

All our transports are insured. Handled by experienced drivers with all certifications and licenses provided. We take pride in getting your goods to its destination at the agreed time, no excuses and no delays. Even large and urgent transportation needs can be catered for. Simply contact us and we will tailor an agreement swiftly and professionally to ensure your satisfaction.

  • Safe and Insured Deliveries
  • Availability of Urgent/Immediate Transportation
  • Scalability to any size transport needs
  • Guaranteed On-Time Delivery

To inquire further about transporting services please contact or PHONE.