Silmak Agencias have been in existance since 1988. Throughout the years we have catered to local businesses, government agencies, international companies and NGOs. It is with great pride that we can present you a selection of testimonials from our countless services delivered.

Silmak delivered urgently needed emergency material in the form of tents, food and kitchen kits and much more beyond on short notice as our NGO was tasked with relief efforts in Rwanda. We are most grateful for the prompt and professional dealings we had with Silmak, thus helping us to reach our goals of helping people in need with almost zero notice – SSF International, MJ Thompson

We have used Silmak ongoingly for transporting needs of computer hardware from Mombassa Port to our distribution centers in Nairobi, Juba and Dar Es Salaam. We have the utmost thrust in Silmak, having always received our goods in perfect condition and on time – MSS Media, Martin Stauns