SILMAK AGENCIES is a Kenyan company which was established 28 years ago as a procurement company to supply relief goods and services to NGOs and other government Agencies.

Our experienced staff is able to procure, pack and deliver goods at favorable prices. We able to procure goods globally in the shortest possible time through bulk sourcing. This enables us to offer better prices to individual orders.

Our clients range from International organizations to government agencies as well as Non- governmental organizations and other institutions. We have in the past supplied goods and services to Kenya, Rwanda, Southern Sudan and Somalia.

truck-460432_1920We are able to deal with emergencies effectively have been involved in supplying various goods to Rwanda during the genocide period and most recent in settling internally displaced persons after Kenya’s post election violence.

Over the years we have supplied domestic equipment such as fleet blankets, LLIN mosquito nets, kitchen kits, collapsible jerry cans, buckets and others. For shelter equipment we have supplied PE tarpaulins, shade netting and tents. We have also supplied agricultural equipment’s such as hoes, rakes, shovels, and others

Where the environment is hostile for relief agencies to operate from we have supplied emergency kits such as first Aid and hygiene kits which can be dropped from the air to offer relief to displaced Persons.

Over the years the company has diversified to distribution and real Estate. We have our own brand “Genesis” which has adult and baby diapers, under pads, wet wipes and sanitary pads which are supplied to hospitals and supermarkets in East and Central Africa region.

We recently started exporting sisal twine to Europe and Asia with our source being from Kenya and Tanzania where we contract farmers for production.

We would like to partner with global suppliers and buyers to be more effective in this endeavor.

Catherine Wanjoya

Managing Director