Silmak Agencies is the exclusive manufacturer and distributor of the Genesis brand in Kenya. Thus we can provide the Kenyan market with high quality Sanitary Pads, Sanitary Pad Incinerators and Sanitary Pad Dispensers.

Sanitary pad dispensers are installed in the washroom for free and intuitively operated by end-users by inserting a 10/- coin to disperse a sanitary pad. The sanitary pad incinerator is ready in stock, available for sale and delivery across Kenya. The 2 machines are patented by KIPI for Silmak Agencies Kenya

Delivery of Sanitary Pads and other hygiejne products can be made all over Kenya in a speedy and secure fashion. Orders are accepted on a wholesale and distribution basis. Inquire for more information at:

Silmak Agencies
Tel: 0723 211 177 / 0735 850 408
PO BOX 35161 – 00200, NAIROBI, KENYA.

Kenyan Sanitary Pads

Our sanitary pads are affordable yet soft and delicious to the touch giving the end-users a superior experience of cleanliness and luxury.

Sanitary Pad Incinerators and Dispensers

For perfect dispensing and disposal we offer high quality Genesis products. We focus on manufacturing products that are easy to use, high quality materials and intuitive for the users.

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